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The 2nd UMP-PIC & 8th ISCC 2017

Non-Communicable Disease (NCDs) is the most prevalent disease in the society and also well known as disease which is generally caused by lifestyle. NCDs also refers to chronic disease which happen for a long term of periods. There four main NCDs: cardiovascular disease (such as stroke, and heart disease), cancers, chronic respiratory syndrome, and diabetes. According to World Health Organization (WHO), NCDs are responsible for the death caused by disease in the world. In 2005, 35 million people are dead because of NCDs and it was estimated as 60% of total death in that particular year. In addition, between 2005 and 2014, the death-related NCDs are increase up to 17%. Although NCDs is frequently correlated with older age, some evidence showed that more than 16 million death caused by non-communicable disease are occurring at age of younger than 70.
Several risk factors, such as smoking, less physical activities, unhealthy diet and alcohol, are strongly connected with the incidence of NCDs. Therefore, lifestyle modification and reducing other risk factors could possibly prevent the incidence. According to WHO, by implementing this 4-main life style modification can prevent 80% of cardiovascular disease and stroke, 80% of diabetes, and also 40% of cancer. The increase of NCDs incidence are not only responsible of the government but also healthcare provider and society itself. In the perspectives of health care professionals, including pharmacist, doctor, or nurse, these problems could be interpreted as opportunity to overcome the problems by creating an innovation through research activities.

These Conferences offers unique opportunities to learn the latest improvement ideas, connect with like-minded colleagues, and generate momentum for change in your organization. Our Conferences happening in major parts of the globe would cover wide range of subjects including but not limited to Healthcare Technologies. Attending this conferences not only provides valuable networking opportunities, but it can also be an effective strategy to access needed resources and learn from experts in the field. We also invite you to publish your research in the form of oral presentation or poster presentation which will be published in our proceedings. Check this out for the information. CALL for PAPER

Why to attend The 2nd UMP-PIC Conferences :
  1. Provide information and update in terms of research, advance technology and practice related to NCDs particularly on cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  2. Exchange idea through presentation and discussion during the meeting among researchers and health care professional.
  3. To identify gaps among clinician and researchers in order to solve any problems exist and discuss ways to collaborate in putting quality initiatives in place throughout the healthcare industry
  4. Developing an open communication and networking among researchers and or health care professional and decision makers in the field.
Who Should Attend?
The target audience for The 2nd UMP-PIC is professionals across all fields related to healthcare and allied groups globally. This includes but is not limited to Clinicians, Public Health Professionals, Communication Specialists, Pharmaceutical Business Analysts, Data Analyst of Healthcare Consulting Firms, Healthcare Head Hunters, Healthcare Recruiting Agencies, Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Specialists, Healthcare Workers, Healthcare Technology Companies, Healthcare Societies/NGO’s, Healthcare Organizations, Healthcare Management Specialists, Health Economists Foundation Leaders, Direct Service Providers, Health Policy Makers, Researchers, Academicians, others if you are interested to be part of our 2nd UMP-PIC as sponsorship please click here and here

The 2nd UMP-PIC & 8th ISCC
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