Important Notes :

  1. The beneficiary account owner (recepient) name for the bank account has to be written as 2nd UMP-PIC 2017, otherwise bank transaction will be rejected. Also please mention the participant full name(s) in the bank transaction document.
  2. It is mandatory to provide full address of beneficiary (including country) and payment details for Telegraphic Transfer requests. Requests received with incomplete details will not be processed.
  3. Card provider or inter-bank transfer may charge a transaction fee and it should be paid in addition to the total payment.
  4. Your payment status will be confirmed after the payment has been verified. Your payment receipt will be sent to your e-mail, and name of sender will be written in the official receipts.


Bank Transfer
Beneficiary Conference Bank Account


             Bank Name          : Bank Rakyat Indonesia

             Account Owner    : FAKULTAS FARMASI UMP

             Address                : Kampus 1 Jl. Raya Dukuhwaluh 53182 PO BOX 202 Banyumas

             Account Number  : 1792-01-001080-53-6


press this Link to access the 2nd UMP-PIC proceeding